Welding wire

If you are in the business of flux-cored arc welding you will need proper welding wire. At Lascentrum we can provide you with welding wire from many different leading producers. Because of our experience in the field of welding and cutting we have managed to build up an extensive network of both suppliers and customers, and a vast assortment of welding and cutting equipment, accessories and welding consumables such as a welding wire. We are also an exclusive dealer for Hyundai in both the Netherlands and Norway. Hyundai is well known in the welding and cutting business for its excellent consumables. At our company, we can deliver you the full range of the flux cored welding wire that Hyundai has to offer.

Hyundai flux cored welding wire by an official dealer

Hyundai flux cored wire can only be purchased by an official dealer. Hyundai has made name for itself by providing high quality and innovative welding solutions to some of the biggest players in the heavy industry such as DSME and Samsung heavy industries. Lascentrum is an exclusive dealer of Hyundai flux cored wire and other Hyundai welding products in both Norway and the Netherlands. When it comes to industrial welding and cutting, our company can provide you with the equipment you need in order to do your job properly. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions about Hyundai flux cored wire.

Characteristics of Hyundai fluxed cored wire

Hyundai fluxed cored wire is a versatile piece of equipment. It is used in flux-cored arc welding, or FCAW for short, in branches such as building, shipbuilding, machinery and vehicles and bridges. When using this technique on a workpiece it is important however to take the following notes into consideration:

  • The Hyundai flux cored wire must be properly preheated for the release of hydrogen to take place. If this is not done properly, it may result in cracked weld metal;
  • Pace your welding speed. FCAW is a matter of precision and a high welding speed may also cause cracks.

At Lascentrum we have a wide selection of Hyundai flux cored wire. Please contact us at +31 (0)78 642 96 56 for more information and advice on the correct type of wire for your project.



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