Just need a welding machine for 2 days, week or month? With Lascentrum rental service you

Lascentrum offers a wide variety of machines and accessories for your welding needs. Lascentrum can help you find the equipment you need for the job.

In addition to its own brand, Lascentrum represents the absolute top brands. Various equipment can also be rented at Lascentrum. The conditions for this are very good.

The manufacturers of these top brands also recognize the added value of Lascentrum as the overall supplier of welding technology.

Due to the intensive cooperation with fellow companies spread throughout the Netherlands, virtually all top brands can be obtained from Lascentrum. This at very competitive prices and short delivery times. Much is even available from stock.

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We have a wide variaty of welding machines, torches, automisation and other products. you need for welding

  • Lascentrum 500F

    Welding machine with lots of features works with everyting. can be rented for at least 2 days.
  • Lascentrum MMA 200 AC/DC MV

    Awesome machine works perfectly on everything. 2 day rental minimum.
  • Koweld CS-100C

    This machine does most of the work for you and makes straight welds very easy


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