Fillet with multi laer carriages (over head)
  310.CS-201D   Product information
  • Butt welding with multi layers carriage.
  • Minimized non welding distance.
  • Magnet on/off switch type rail offers in-line adjustment easily.
  • Minimized gear backlash offer various constant speed/adjustable controls precisely thus the highest quality welding and and long life by means of a special motor with reducer.
  • Crate fill at the beginning and end of welding.
  • The travel speed is set either cm/min or inch/min programmable in acc with the user manual.
  Division Details Specification
  General Product code 310.CS-201D
    Model CS-201D
    Input power AC 110V-230V, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions(mm) 415(W) x 451(L) x 240(H)
    Weight 6,5kg
  Body Driving method Rack pinion driven
    Traveling speed 0~88cm/min ±5%
    Traveling motor DC24V, 12W, 5000RPM BLDC motor
    Up/down angle 0~45 ±10°
  Torch adjustment  Front/back distance 0~100mm ±5%
    Up/down distance 0~40mm ±5%
    Running angle ±5%
  Rail Fixing Magnet on/off type
    Material size AL / 1,5m