E.G.W Butt weaving for vertical up, 50mm-ONE PASS

Product information

  • Butt welder by electric gas welding for vertical-up direction with thickness of 25-50mm by one pass where weaver needs.
  • Applicable to shop’s blocks and a larger storage tanks.
  • Stick-out and travelling speeds in automation by means of detecting various currents providing from melt metal height in the bath.
  • The bead is performing while the machine goes up with copper shoe and cooling by fresh water circulation.
  • The control of the machine possible both of the control panel and wired control panel.
  • Magnet ON-OFF switch type rail offers in-line adjustment easily.
  • Minimized gear backlash offers various constant speed/adjustable controls precisely thus the highest quality welding and a long life by means of a special motor with a reducer.
  • The smaller size and lighter weight offer easy to transportation.

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  Division Details Specification Remarks
  General Product code 310.CS-EGW-N Carriage
    Model CS-EGW-N -
    Input power AC 110V-230V, 50/60Hz -
    Dimensions (mm) 402 (W) x 327 (L) x 268 (H) -
    Weight 12 kg -
  Body part Body material AL -
    Travelling motor DC24V, 12W, 4.000 RPM BLDC motor
    Reduction ratio 40 : 1 400 : 1
    Reduction gear ratio 10 : 1
    Travelling method RACK & PINION DRIVEN -
    Travelling speed
0~800 mm/min -
   Control box Skill SkillDisplay, driving speed, stick out, ampere, voltage fast rising,
fast down, run, stop, weld, not weld, manual welding, inching
  Weaver Weaving width 0~50 mm -
    Weaving speed 0~4000 mm/min -
    Weaving motor DC24V, 12W, 5.000 RPM BLDC Motor
    Reduction ratio 10 : 1 5 : 1
    Reduction gear ratio 1 : 2 5 : 1
    Front / Back stop time 0.0 ~ 9.9 (sec) -
  Rail Fixing Magnet ON/OFF Fixed three places Mag switch (3EA)
    Material AL -
    Rail size 1.5 m / 5.4 kg Length can be changed
  Other Panel color Black Maker