Gas cutting machines


  Gas cutting machine
  303.GC-12MP   Product information

The machine is a new generation, inovative machine with a body structure systematized for different types of oxy fuel/plasma cutting and automatic welding work. There are three major parts to the system: The advanced motorized carriage, a cutting torch unit and the plate trach and accessories. All serving as independent units, the customer can choose the system needed for his specific requirements.
  Product code 303.GC-12MP
  Cutting capacity 5 to 100 mm
  Bevels 0° to 45°
  Straight cuts 1.8 m and multiples
  Circle cutting (Diameter) 40 to 2650 mm
80 to 800 mm/min (50 Hz)
  Cutting speed 100 to 1000 mm/min (60 Hz)
  Torch Injector type to suit Acetylene / LPG
  Gas connection (Fuel LH & Oxygen RH) 1/4" G;9/16"etc.
  Gross weight 11.5 kg W/1 torch
16 kg W/2 torches
  Dimensions W/o rail (mm) 440 x 205 x 215
  Handy auto plus gas cutting machine with build-in ignition
 303.GC-14HP         Product information

Standard all position drives - Allows for cutting from all positions
High efficiency performance - Handy auto drive switch is linked to the cutting oxygen valve causing simultaneous operation of cutting oxygen and drive power.
Drive attachments quickly changed - for all types of applications.
Highest ccutting quality - Safe and long lasting tips supplied.

Kit contents
Cutter 1
Standard wheel 1
Auxiliary wheel 1
Wheel for bevel cutting 1
Attachment for small circle cutting 1
Running guid lever 1
Cutting tip ANME or PNME #0#1, 2# 1 each
Spanner for nozzle replacement 1
Fuse 2
Carrying case 1
  Product code Drive system Speed control Length Cutting thickness Cutting speed Weight
  303.GC-14HP Friction drive By transistor 500 mm 5 - 30 mm 150 - 530 mm 3.50 kg
  Handypipe Lark
  303.CG2-11Y   Product information

This manually operated portavle oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine uses a chan and gear drive system. The drive chain is comprised of durable, interlocking links that can easily beaded or removed for quick change of pipe diameters. A graduated bevel collar ensures accurate bevel settings. The control valves for fuel, preheat oxygen and cutting oxygen are positioned away from the heat yet conveniently placed for easy operator use.

Features & benefits

Oxy-fuel pipe cutter - Bevel cut or straight cut steel pipe
Manually operated - No power needed to cut pipe; ideal for field use
Interlocking chain links - Add or removes links as needed for various size pipes; standard chain configuration: 2.4m (82pcs chain links) with longer chain linkage optional.
Linght weight - At only 9 kg (19.8 lbs) this unit is easy to carry, operate and maintain
Worm gear drive - Low gear ratio ensures extremely smooth travel
Optional Snap valve - One-touch on/off gas valve
  Product code 303.CG2-11Y
  Chain type Single chain
  Quick type None
  Effective pipe diameter 114-600 mm by standard (2.4m)
Over 600 mm by extra chain addition
  Cutting thickness Up to 50mm
  Cutting shape Square and bevel
  Drive method Manual
  Size 250 x 250 x 400 mm
  Weight 10.5kg
  Autopipe Kite

Product information

  • The machine is a remote control gas motorized pipe cutting unit and it is easy to change the length of the chain for various size pipes.
  • Cutting can be done in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction from both sides of the machine
  • The machine canbevel up to 45° by selecting the required angle on the torch holder
  • The machine torch can be adjusted vertically and horizontally along side the pipe surface by rack and pinion attachments
  • The model Autopipe-P can also be used to cut stainless steel and other Non-ferrous pipes by using plasma cutting torch
  • remote control unit 1 set supplied with the motorized version


  Product code 303.GC-25SG
  Chain type Single link chain
  Quick release clutch With
  Cutting speed 50 - 1150 mm/min
  Effective pipe diameter 150 - 600 mm by standard chain
Larger size over 600 mm by extra chain
  Cutting thickness Up to 50 mm
  Cutting shape Square and bevel
  Drive method Motorized
  main size 265 x 420 x 450 mm
  Weight 16 kg
  Product code Description  Additional information
  304.GC-12TR Straight rail for GC-12MP Each track of 180 cm long is extensable to the requirement
    Circle cutting attachment for GC-12MP Recommended for cutting circles of large diameter Ø50 - 2.400 mm
  304.GC-25S15 Circle cutting rail for GC-12MP Recommended for cutting circles of comparativety large diameter
      Cutting range Ø40 - 360 mm at inside and  Ø1.150 - 2.400 mm at outside