Lascentrum supports the following charities:


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch cancer Institute

Cancer. It feels like a condemnation, to anyone who comes across it. It makes insecure and anxious, and demands the utmost of the patient and his environment. The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL) tackles this challenge and already belongs to the absolute worlds top for decades in the unique connection of care and research that makes a difference for cancer patients.

In multidisciplinary teams of surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists and nurses is continuously working on customized treatment plans that offer the best view for each individual patient. Because the core is no cancer alike.

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek chose a 100 years ago (on October 10, 1913 the Society of the Dutch Cancer Institute was founded) all the way through groundbreaking research and adding specialized care along with a sharply defined goal: the best treatments offer cancer patients. For that penetrate to the core of cancer, the only way. 



Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Dutch ALS Institute

Founded in the eighties by Mrs. Constance Harvey after they came into contact during a visit to Canada with an ALS patient. Back in the Netherlands she thought that Dutch who met this fate should not be left in the cold.

They made contact with the Association Muscle disease Netherlands (VSN), but came to the conclusion that the ALS patient was served by a private foundation to give specific attention to ALS. Her initiative branched during the nineties into two foundations, one of which focused on fundraising for research: ALS Foundation Research Fund. The other concentrated on the patient support: Foundation Parachute.


BOR the FILM  

Bor the film

A taboo-breaking story, a quirky legacy. Verkroost Bor, 37, skinny, a body full of wounds and continuous pain... not exactly a story that people want to hear. But it's a special person with a lot of strength and self-deprecating...


'Bor' is a film about his life. His gift and sharp mind in an affected body wants to leave a lasting legacy. The documentary shows how this warrior deals with everyday issues like friendship, love, sex, ambition, life and death and how he can be an inspiration to us; healthy and less healthy stragglers. Many of you know Bor. He was the last year frequently in the media because of his turbulent life of pain, sorrow, loneliness, his search for love, broken heart and euthanasia. But Bor is particularly linger in our memories for his fighting spirit and bravery. The enormous amount of reactions to his media appearances, he showed an example for many. Unfortunately he, though still combative, his innate very severe progressive deviation still on his way to a undeniable ending.