Lascentrum ProGrind

  Product information


The ProGrind® is the best comprehensive grinding helmet: offering large viewing areas, enabling the grinder to have a 160° vision, and providing an extralarge clear grinding visor. All versions of the ProGrind® helmets are certified with the ProAir® respiratory unit with particules filtration.

The ProGrind® helmet offers perfect protection of forehead, skull, ears,
and neck.
Only the best autodarkening filters are available in the ProView®, all with 1/1/1/2 optical classes. S4 with 4 sensors and grinding. S9 with fast switching speed, extended viewing area, variable shade from DIN 5 to DIN 13, and digital display.
All versions of ProGrind® can be completed with an ProAir® respiratory protection unit. Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the ProAir® provides purified air inside the ProGrind®, with a filtration of Solid and Liquid Particules. An advanced alarm system informs the operator of low battery or clogged filter to replace. 2 airflows are available to the operator, depending on their application, their environment, and their habits.
The ProGrind® is based on a large clear visor for perfect vision during grinding. The ProGrind® shell and all its polycarbonate are certified for grinding with the specific norms EN 166 B and EN 175 B.
The strong headgear associated with the ProGrind® offers 4 settings: height, width, angle, and longitudinal adjustments for welders operating with corrective glasses.
The ProGrind® helmet is certified EN 175 B, with its polycarbonates being certified under EN 166 B. All autodarkening filters used in the ProView are certified according to EN 379, and the ProView® is certified with the ProAir® according to EN 12941. The ProView® helmet is also certified under ANSI standards.
  416.23670 Grinding helmet with 90x110 glas and headband
  416.8000 Motorunit with pre-filter, particle filter, Li-ion battery, charger, belt, hose and bag