Lascentrum ProAir

  Product information


ProAir® is a Powered Air Purifying Respiratory (PAPR) unit enabling the operator to weld/grind/cut while breathing purified air through a particulate
filter. This unit offers two air flows to select from, with a simple pressure on the unique control knob. The welder is informed by 2 separate sound
alarms for clogged-filter status and low-battery. Operated on a replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, ProAir® is a completly autonomous
unit filtrating Particules Solid and Liquid (PSL).


The ProAir® provides a filtration of Solid and Liquid Particules (PSL). The bolted face seal to the ProWeld® and ProView® shells ensure a restricted TH2 inward leakage of contaminants inside the hood. The filter used on the ProAir® is classified as «Reusable» (PRSL) and should not be changed at every shift. The filter alarm will inform the operator when to replace it.
With the standard fully charge battery, the ProAir® is able to run over 10 hours with a new filter on. Over 14 hours with its heavyduty battery.
The weight of PAPR is critical considering the numbers of hours worn per day. Therefore, the weight was restricted to a minimum. The exact weight of the complete ProAir® blower unit, the standard battery, the PSL filter with its prefilter, and the large padded belt is down to an uncomparable 1,18Kg.
In addition to the clogged-filter alarm, the blower unit is equipped with a separate sound and visual alarm to inform the operator of the low-battery status of the ProAir®.
ProAir® is delivered with a 4-cell Lithium-ion rechargable battery. A 6-cell heavy-duty lithium-ion battery is also available as an accessor
As standard, a Euro charger for Lithium-ion battery is associated to the ProAir®. As an option, an International charger is available with all plugg-ins necessary.
The ProAir® offers 2 air flows, based on the welding application, the environment, and the operator’s habits. 180l/m is the initial minimum speed. With a simple 2-second pressure on the single control knob, the ProAir® increases the airflow to 220 l/m.
The blower unit is equipped with a pre-filter, preventing larger particules to prematurely clog the PSL filter. The proper maintenance and replacement of the pre-filter greatly extends the life of the main filter.
ProAir® is equipped with a sound and visual alarm when the PSL filter is clogged, meaning that the blower unit can no longer garantee the minimum airflow of purifed air. Prefilter and/or filter needs to be replaced.
As standard, a Euro charger for Lithium-ion battery is associated to the ProAir®. As an option, an International charger is available with all plugg-ins necessary.
ProWeld® and ProView® helmets have the same face seal to simplify spare parts. This unique face seal is tightly fastened to the shell with plastic nuts and bolts in order to minimize the inward leakage. The face seal is manufactured with flame retardant coton.
The ProAir® is supported by a large doublepadded confort belt, manufactured with flame retardant material. The ergonomic support and the perfect balance greatly improve confort for the operator. Locking the belt is quick and secure, and the adjustment is easily done, even with welder’s gloves on.
    Filtration PRSL
    Leakage TH2
    Airflows 180l/m - 220l/m
    Clogged filter alarm Yes - Sound/Visual
    Low battery alarm Yes - Sound/Visual
    Pre-filter Yes
    Autonomy Up to 10 hours
    Battery Lithium - ion
    Hose protection Yes
    Norm EN 12941
    Weight / Poids
(unit + battery + belt + filter)
    Warranty 1 year
  416.80000 Motorunit with pre-filter, particle filter, Li-ion battery, charger, belt, hose and bag