KEMPER Dusty
Cleanable filter
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Ultra light, flexible and powerful.

These are only some properties of this small power pack. Two strong turbines provide an excellent extraction efficiency
and high static pressing. The minimum weight makes it very flexible and universal for many different applications.

A KemTex® ePTFE membrane filter cartridge provides the filtration of superfine dust below 0,1 μm. Thereby this unit is suitable for the separation of alveole exchangeable dusts. The advantage of surface filtration is that the filter cartridge can be cleaned. In case of the Dusty, this happens manually in that minute when an essential cleaning will be indicated by the instrument itself. The collected dust can be removed easily from the lower part of the unit.

Different nozzles, welding torches with integrated extraction or mini exhaust arms of the extensive accessory programme can be connected to the two lugs of this extraction and filter unit.
The extraction performance can be controlled steplessly and electronically.

  Product code 313.Dusty
  Model KEMPER Dusty
  Weight w/o arm 21 kg
  Width 300 mm
  Height 690 mm
  Depth 300 mm
  Amperage 8.7 A
  Motor power 1.6 kW
  Frequency 50 Hz
  Noise level 74 db (A)
  Filter efficentcy 99.9%
  Fan performance 340 m3/h
  Power supply 1 x 230 V
  Maximum low-pressure 18000 Pa