Hypertherm plasma parts

Hypertherm plasma parts can be purchased at Lascentrum. Plasma cutting has a lot of benefits compared to the more traditional cutting torch. With a cutting torch for instance, it isn’t possible to cut through metals with high levels of carbon because a regular cutting torch simply doesn’t get hot enough. A plasma cutter can reach far higher temperatures and is therefore suited to cut through almost every material. Also, the quality of the cuts is a lot higher because plasma cutting barely leaves any slag while a cutting torch does. At Lascentrum we sell an array of hypertherm plasma parts for repairing your plasma cutter in case of a breakdown. You can find parts made of stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. Please contact our company with any and all questions regarding hypertherm plasma parts or other specialized tools.

Our selection of hypertherm plasma parts

At Lascentrum we only work with the best materials. That is why all of our hypertherm plasma parts are of the highest quality. Our staff can advise you on the correct parts that you need. Besides, we also offer an excellent repair service in case of a breakdown of your welding or cutting equipment. Our mechanics can repair your tools quick and skillfully in our own workshop or, if that’s more convenient to you, they can come by your workshop and execute the repairs there. For more information on the subject of hypertherm plasma parts, please contact us at +31 (0)78 642 96 56.



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