High quality welding gloves

High quality welding gloves are an indispensable part of a welding ensemble which is composed out of a helmet, coverall and gloves. There are different kinds of welding gloves available and high quality gloves are rated by means of the European Committee for Standardization. At Lascentrum we sell only A-quality welding gloves. Please feel free to check out the high quality of our welding gloves for yourself in our demo room at our main location in Alblasserdam in the Netherlands.

Different types of high quality welding gloves at Lascentrum

At Lascentrum we realize that welding and cutting jobs may require different kinds of specialized equipment. Therefore, we offer our customers the following types of high quality welding gloves:

  • TIG Welding gloves. These gloves are meant to maintain finger sensitivity while welding a delicate workpiece. These welding gloves are made from high quality sheep or goat leather;
  • MIG Welding gloves. Made from tougher leather, such as deer hide, these gloves are meant to offer the wearer very good protection.
  • Kevlar welding gloves. Kevlar is polymer material that offers maximum protection from heat and is extremely flame retardant. These types of gloves are used for plasma cutting.

For more information about our high quality welding gloves or any of our other products, please contact at +31 (0)78 642 96 56.



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