Extraction ventilator and accessories

    Product information


The VAF-3000 is a mobile fan, that can easily be moved using the grip on top of the fan. Multiple fans can be staced.


    Product code 314.VAF-3000
    Voltage 230 V
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Fan performance 3000 m3/h
    Weight 17 kg
    Dimensions H x W x D 432 x 355 x 533 mm
  Ducting hose
    Product information


This hose can be connected to the 314.VAF-3000 ventilator to guide the air to another location. The hose has a width of 300 mm and can be exteded to 7.5 meters.

    Product code 314.VAF-300075
    Width 300 mm
    Length 7.5 meters