Dear customer,

On 25th of October 2016 Lascentrum caught a huge fire. Luckily nobody got hurt, but all the stock had some mayor damage. The whole building including the stock can be considered lost. We are soon expecting a new location and the phone and e-mail will be up and running again. On our site we will keep je posted on the latest developments. At the moment our representatives can be reached on the following phone numbers.

The following representatives are available during opening hours (UTC +1)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jasper Oosters:   +31 (0)6 48136305 
Perry van Veen:  +31 (0)6 51362209
Hans de Kluijver:  +31 (0)6 39110587
Ricardo Wieringa:  +31 (0)6 34093107
Ton Krijgsman:  +31 (0)6 53408186
Willem van Dorp:  +31 (0)6 22759910
Jacco van Dongen:  +31 (0)6 22487232
Jacob Oosterwijk:  +31 (0)6 16503779
Sebastian Wever:  +31 (0)6 24682127