Ceramic backing welding material

Ceramic backing material is used to make welding easier and provide a cleaner and more precise weld. Ceramic backing material for welding is usually placed on an aluminum tape with a ceramic strip, such as fiberglass. Placed in the middle. During the welding process this ceramic back material melts and is infused with the weld, thus creating a neat weld. Another advantage is that an opposite weld is no longer necessary, as the it is reinforced by the ceramic backing material. At Lascentrum it is possible to buy ceramic backing material for welding in large quantities. We sell our fiberglass backing material in rolls of 12,5 meters because the material is fused into the weld and can therefore only be used once.

Using ceramic backing material for welding

The ceramic backing material that we sell at Lascentrum is very easily applied to a joint. Simply apply the tape to the back of the joint. During the welding process the tape and the glue that holds it will evaporate, while the fiberglass strip will be fused to the root of the weld. At Lascentrum we would be happy to further assist you and provide you with more information about this, and other specific types of welding, cutting, and the needed equipment. Feel free to contact us at +31 (0)78 642 96 56.



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