Partnership with Nissen

June 8, 2015 — JP Nissen, the leading manufacturer of Industrial Paint Markers and Temperature Indicating Sticks, announced the establishment of Nissen Europe, in partnership with Lascentrum Welding and Cutting in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. This partnership will enable Nissen to further cultivate the European industrial market with by better serving and supporting European distributors and customers. This office will provide sales, delivery and after-sales service covering all of Europe, both EU countries and non-EU countries.

Sales and support teams will provide product training and superior customer service throughout their distribution chain. The Nissen Europe facility will provide timely inventory and sales support with their European customers providing their products in the shortest time to the European region.

Latham Pali, President of Nissen, said: “With the establishment of Nissen Europe and our Partnership with Lascentrum we are positioned to provide our superior products in a cost effective manner to our customers, as well as, establish a more supportive sales force for our distribution partners.”

The childer of the Waterlelie class 2G, visited Lascentrum today. They welded, picked up some orders in the warehouse and watched a movie about welding and safety. They had a lot of fun!